Best Material To Cover Firewood – (All You Need to Know)

Covering wood like redgum is essential if you want to maintain its quality for an extended period. Failure to cover wood can lead to the destruction of the wood, thus reducing its burning efficiency.

In this article, we analyze in-depth the best material to cover Firewood. 

Why Cover Firewood?

Preventing Rot

If your firewood becomes wet, it could result in problems such as rotting and molding, making it not good for burning. 

Keeps The Wood Dry

Exposing your firewood to dampening conditions could disrupt the seasoning process.

Moreover, burning your firewood when drenched could cause safety risks due to excess smoke production and the build-up of carbon monoxide.

Blocking Insects

To avoid the probability of attracting termites, we recommend storing your firewood not close to the buildings and uplifting it off the ground. 

Similarly, we recommend you store your firewood away from trees since pests could jump from the trees to your wood.

Once Termites invade your firewood, they’re difficult to expel.

Which Tarp Materials Should You Use?

Pile of covered firewood

Pile of covered firewood

Below are a few traits of material covers you could use to cover your wood.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: Waterproof Level


The Waterproof materials do not allow water to seep through. Also, they have sealed seams and can withstand substantial pressure before leaking.

Water Repellant

Water-repellent products do not allow water to penetrate. It is due to the coating material applied to the products by the manufacturers.

Water Resistant

Water-resistant products only offer little protection since they cannot hold heavier torrents of rain. In addition, they do not provide the same protection level as water-repellent or waterproof materials. 

We recommend selecting water-repellent or waterproof materials if you want guaranteed performance.

Water resistance materials can only serve their functions efficiently during warmer months, not extreme weather seasons.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: Best Materials

Here’s a list of the best wood covering materials and their qualities.


Polyethene is waterproof and durable, making it the most preferred choice when making tarps. Similarly, it is also perfect for trapping and retaining heat.

Polyurethane Laminate

Polyurethane laminate has polyester fabric as well as plastic backing. Moreover, it is durable, flexible, breathable, and of high waterproof quality.

Polyurethane substrate under the laminate

Polyurethane substrate under the laminate


This material is from strong stretched Teflon. It is breathable, durable, and waterproof.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: Material with waterproof gore-tex membrane

Material with a waterproof gore-tex membrane


Polyester dries fast and is of lightweight quality. However, it is only water resistant.


Vinyl-made materials are only water resistant and not long-lasting. Also, they may need to withstand more heat.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: Blue vinyl texture

Blue vinyl texture


Materials made of nylon are water-resistant and of robust quality.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: Nylon fabric texture

Nylon fabric texture

Which Tarp Materials Should you Avoid?

When selecting appropriate materials for covering your firewood, you must avoid the following materials:

Laminated Cotton

Even though laminated cotton is perfect for making durable clothing, it cannot bear up when exposed to extreme weather conditions 24/7.

Best Material To Cover Firewood:
Cotton fabric texture.

Cotton fabric texture.


Oilcloth can be adequate for more minor works, such as tablecloths and purses. It cannot function properly as a wood-covering material.


Similar to laminated cotton, wool is a perfect material for clothing and not as a tarp material, even though it is a natural water-repellant.

Best Material To Cover Firewood: How to Properly Cover Firewood

To achieve perfect results for covering wood, we’ve listed a few methods that work perfectly for you.

Secure it on Top

The top of the firewood stack is the riskiest and expose to rain, snow, and wind. You ought to ensure that it is efficiently covered. 

To achieve this, ensure that the cover fits perfectly over the top of the firewood stack and secure it perfectly in place.

Consider the Sides

We recommend you leave your cover hanging a few inches on either side of your stack of firewood.

It will barricade rain or snow entirely off the wood and prevent it from dampening the ends of the wood.

Slant the Cover

You ought to slant your cover for it to shed snow, rain, or other precipitation away naturally. Letting rain accumulate on top of a flat surface eventually causes it to crumble.


Choosing the suitable material for covering your firewood should be carefully carried out.

You need to consider waterproof levels and the quality of materials used in manufacturing.

If you have any more questions or need more clarifications, feel free to reach us.