Best Saw for Cutting PVC Pipe: 2023 Complete Guide

Best Saw for Cutting PVC Pipe, A PVC pipe cutter is essential for construction, plumbing, and irrigation.

However, the right PVC pipe cutter depends on whether you are a professional using the tool regularly or an occasional user for your DIY home projects.

After all, many saws and cutting tools can cut pipes with smooth, clean cuts.

Either way, the mechanism of a pipe cutter should make cutting through pipes as easy as possible.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable recommendation, here are our top 3 options.

  1. Best Overall- RIDGID 31632 Model Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter
  2. Best Value- EZARC Pipe Cutter
  3. Easiest to Use- Pipe Cutters Irwin-Tools

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best PVC Pipe Cutters

When looking for the best saw for cutting PVC pipes, you will come across tens of options, from manual to battery-powered and even electric cutters.

Knowing exactly what to look for in a PVC cutter will help narrow down the options and get you the best choice.

Here are the important things to know;

Cutting PVC pipe with a circular saw

Cutting PVC pipe with a circular saw

Types of PVC Pipe Cutters

The first thing you need to decide is what type of pipe cutter you are looking for because there are a few;

  • Ratcheting pipe cutter. This one-handed tool uses a ratcheting mechanism to pressure the pipe walls. Once you place the blade around the pipe, squeeze the handles together, release the mechanism, and squeeze hard to cut through. 
  • Spring-Loaded pipe cutter. Spring-loaded pipe cutters are single-blade tools used to cut through tough pipes. The spring mechanism offers better-cutting strength, but you still have to apply a lot of pressure to cut through pipes.
  • Electric pipe cutter. These cutters are the easiest to use because you position the saw around the pipe and hit the trigger. However, it would be best to keep the battery pack charged continuously; otherwise, the tool will be useless.
  • Inside Pipe Cutter. An inside pipe cutter cuts the pipe from the inside out. It comes in handy when the pipes are inside other materials like concrete or soil and when the pipe is embedded in an unreachable place, such as the interior of a wall, floor, or ceiling.

Cutting Capacity

What’s the nominal pipe size the cutter can handle? It varies from ¼ an inch to 4 inches, and some PVC cutters can only cut thin-walled pipes.

Outer Diameter vs. Inner Diameter

When we say cutting capacity, we mean the outer diameter of the pipe.

On the other hand, the inner diameter is the distance between the opposite outer edges.

For instance, if the pipe is 1.6 inches, the outer diameter is bigger than this, so you must consider that when choosing a pipe cutter.

PVC pipe cut into pieces

PVC pipe cut into pieces

Blade Material

Granted, you want a sharp cutter blade to make work easier. But not all blades are made equal depending on the material and how it was processed.

Go for heat-treated blades because they are tougher, sharper, and easy to cut through synthetic plastic.

Best PVC Pipe Cutters

Best OverallRIDGID 31632 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter

The RIDGID 31632 Cutter is Amazon’s best seller for many reasons.

It boasts an ergonomic design with a cutting capacity of ¼-1-5/8 inch through copper, PVC, aluminum, and brass.


  • I-BEAM Construction ensures a sturdy, durable design with reinforced surfaces.
  • Allows quick, tool-free cutter wheel change in mere seconds
  • Ratcheting automatic locking
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Extremely accurate and cuts to the line


The cutter is fairly chunky and heavy, making it hard to make small cuts.

Customer review

“This thing is really quick. I cut a lot of pipe on installs.”

Best Value- EZARC Pipe Cutter

The first thing to know about the EZARC pipe cutter is that it comes with a large and a small cutter for different applications.

These two ensure an impressive cutting capacity of 3/16 to 2 inches in outer diameter.


  • Can cut through stainless steel, PVC, copper, and aluminum
  • Comes with a textured adjustment knob for easier tightening around the pipe
  • Durable, heat-treated alloy steel blades
  • Clean and precise cuts


The 2-inch cutting capacity is a bit inaccurate.

Customer review

“It made a very neat cut and was practically effortless to use. It’s solid and seems very well made.”

Easiest to Use- Pipe Cutters Irwin-Tools

Our third option is the Irwin multi-purpose pipe cutter that features a sharpened manganese steel blade, a 1 ½ inch cutting capacity, and a ratcheting mechanism to make cutting easier.


  • Curved, ergonomic handles for easy grip
  • Multi-purpose use on PVC, ABS, CPVC, Vinyl, and rubber tubing
  • Locking clip for the handles
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Removable blade for easy sharpening


It’s only suitable for small-diameter pipes

Customer review

“I’ve cut PVC numerous ways over the years. This tool is FAR  superior to any other type of cutting tool.”

Best Heavy Duty Ginzors PVC Pipe Cutters

Looking for a more heavy-duty cutter that can handle larger pipes? This Ginzors pipe cutter is a great choice.

It features the latest ratcheting design, the SK5 Teflon blade, which is extremely sharp and durable and has soft rubber handles.


  • Stainless buckle to lock the blades and prevent cutting your fingers
  • Affordable price
  • It’s quite sharp and easy to use
  • High precision 


Can cut at a slight angle which you can fix with a thin washer inserted in the blade shaft.

Customer review

“Love this, cuts like I’m cutting butter. I’m cutting pex B and it makes it easy.”

Best BudgetAIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter

The AIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter is an affordable, entry-level model with a cutting capacity of 1 ¼ inch. Its blade is made of high-quality manganese steel for hardness and sharp cuts.


  • Affordable price
  • Very sharp blade
  • Self-rocking ratchet design to enhance bite force
  • Ergonomic handle wrapped in rubber


The pipe can move and give you a crooked cut.

Customer reviews

“Got it, tried it, and had a big smile on my face. Easy to use, does not take much strength, and cuts right where it is supposed to.”

How to Cut PVC Pipe with a Pipe Cutter

  • Mark where you need to cut
  • Spray a little silicone-based lubricant on the pipe to make cutting easier
  • Place the pipe on a flat, stable surface like a workbench 
  • Position the blade up on the cut mark
  • Hold the tool square, and squeeze the handles together to drive the blade through the PVC. 

Best Saws for Cutting PVC Pipes

The best saw for cutting plastic or PVC depends on the strength of the material, your budget, your experience, and how often you cut pipes.


IRWIN MARATHON ProTouch Fine-Cut Handsaw

  • Fast, efficient, and fine cut. 
  • Rapid, smooth start thanks to the saw’s 12-point extra-fine front teeth 
  • Thick blade delivers mighty control in your hands

“Cuts well, of course – that’s the main thing. Looks nice too.”


DEWALT 5-in-1 Hacksaw

  • 45° or 90° Blade Angle for standard and flush cuts
  • Low Profile to cut in tight spaces
  • Holds the blade up to 330lbs
  • The blade attaches to the front frame for long reach

“Great hacksaw, very good grip, nice weight. Multipurpose use.”

Miter saw

DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw

  • Powerful 15 AMP motor with 4000 RPM for PVC, aluminum, and crown molding
  • Ensures accuracy and increases productivity
  • Great cross-cut capacity
  • The lightweight design and built-in carry handle are great for portability.

“Works great and it’s just light enough that I can move it if I have to.”

Cable saw

General Tools PVC Pipe Cable Saw

  • Cuts a variety of pipes without special adjustments
  • Great for working in confined spaces
  • Comfort grip ergonomic handle
  • It makes fast, clean cuts on PVC, PE, ABS pipes, and other materials

“I used this to cut some 2-inch PVC drain pipe close to the wall for a new bathroom vanity. It cut the pipe very quickly at an inch from the wall to accommodate a larger vanity.”

How to Cut PVC Pipe with a Saw

  • Mark where you need to cut.
  • Place the pipe on a stable surface. 
  • Slowly saw through the pipe surface, rotating as you go.
  • Once you cut, deburr the edges
  • Never push down hard on the saw
Saws for cutting PVC pipes

Saws for cutting PVC pipes

How to Clean Burrs

Cutting PVC pipes, especially with a saw, always leaves behind small burrs on the edge of the pipe. These burs can weaken pipe connections or clog up filters down the line.

Here’s how you can remove the burs, also known as deburring

  • Run a utility knife around the inner and outer rim of the pipe edge. 
  • Hold the knife at a slight angle so it can run smoothly along the rim and get rid of the tiny burrs.
  • Use paper or plumber cloth to smooth out the inner and outer rims. 
  • Be sure not to overdo it. Only scrape off enough to smooth away the burrs or risk making it worse.


You should know what type of saws or pipe cutters you can use on PVC pipes.

A simple hand or hacksaw will do if it’s a one-time job in an obvious location.

For professional work, we recommend heavy-duty pipe cutters such as the Ginzors PVC Pipe Cutters and RIDGID 31632.