Best Wood for Axe-Throwing target- 7 Best Axe-throwing Target Woods

Are you looking for the ideal axe-throwing wood target? This article summarizes some of the best wood for the axe-throwing target. So stay with us as we introduce each and the features that make the wood ideal. 

7 Best axe Throwing Target Woods

Ax and target. 

Ax throwing is a simple sport you can enjoy with your friends and family in your backyard. All you need is to ensure you have a suitable ax for throwing and a target. So which woods made the best targets? Check out below. 


Throwing axe target. 

Throwing axe target. 

First, Cedar has an aromatic allure, so if you are looking for a sweet-smelling ax target, cedarwood is the best. Again, the tree is pests-resistant and has a unique appeal thanks to its dull red grains. 

Most axe-throwing targets we’ll cover will withstand harsh weather conditions. But none fares better in this regard than cedar, as it’s highly durable even under extreme conditions. The tree is also generally lightweight and barely warps, thus giving it high workability qualities. 

Moreover, cedarwood is lightweight. Thus, you can move its target easily to your desired point of use. But, with cedar, you must uphold great maintenance practices to keep it in good shape for a long time. Besides, the tree is quite pricey and can easily catch fire, so keep it away from flames. 


Ax Throwing competition. 

Ax Throwing competition. 

This is among the best softwood trees you can pick for an ax-throwing target primarily because of its excellent nailing properties. It is also the most readily available wood, so it saves you from the hassle of searching from one timber yard to the other. 

Moreover, pine records impressive bending and compressive strengths of 14,500 psi and 8,470 psi, respectively. So it is strong enough to hold the axe after throwing and is also a durable option. 

Lastly, Pine wood can withstand most weather conditions without shrinking. However, pine boards are prone to tear and scratch. It also lacks the self-healing features that are key for axe-throwing targets. 


Small Axe on a Board. 

Small Axe on a Board. 

The self-healing features of cottonwood make it a top axe-throwing target wood. This means the holes you make in the wood during axe throwing will cover quickly. Thus, the wood’s integrity remains intact after a rigorous throwing competition. 

Other features that make cottonwood the best target are as follows: 

  1. It fares better than pine regarding durability and resistance to various weather conditions. 
  2. Furthermore, the tree has relatively straight grains. Thus, it is resistant to breaking as the axe penetrates the wood, making it the ideal target for beginners. 
  3. Again, it has soundproof properties thanks to the high water content inside the wood. Therefore, it is the best target if you dread the noise synonymous with axe throwing. 

All in all, the tree easily attracts molds and is also an allergen to some people. 


Ax throwing competition. 

Ax throwing competition. 

The tree is a hardwood, but it is an excellent ax-throwing target thanks to its high resistance to cracking. Its smooth texture and straight grains also make it great to work with, especially for beginners. 

Willow wood also exemplifies soundproof properties, thus allowing the ax thrower to concentrate better. Furthermore, being a hardwood, the tree has a beautiful pinkish-brown appearance that glows, especially when you apply wood varnish. Hence, it makes an attractive target. 

However, the Willow tree is highly susceptible to pests and lasts quite shorter than other targets we’ve covered. 


A young man throws an axe. 

A young man throws an axe. 

Most DIY ax throwers prefer poplar wood primarily because it’s non-resinous and has self-healing properties. Besides, the tree grains allow the axe to stick thanks to their uniform texture and are also highly durable. 

But when choosing a poplar for an ax-throwing target, you must know that it rots fast. Hence, it doesn’t make a good outdoor target. Moreover, it attracts molds and will split fast if you apply immense pressure. 


Ax target. 

Ax target. 

Sounds like a bizarre choice for an axe-throwing target, but palmwood is among the best primarily because it is termite-resistant. Hence, you can use it to make an outdoor use ax target. Palmwood is also beautiful and makes an attractive ax-throwing target when you polish it. 

The tree is also lightweight and, thus, the ideal material for designing a mobile ax target. However, it will easily rot when exposed to rain and can also be more expensive than the others we’ve covered. 


Hatchet throwing contest. 

Hatchet throwing contest. 

It’s a softwood that gets softer as the wood dries. Hence, it is one of the best targets, especially if you’re seeking a wood that allows the axe to stick easily. Moreover, this is the best wood if you are a DIY ax-throwing target designer. It is easy to saw and nail, and it barely warps. 

Again, the best ax-throwing targets should possess self-healing properties. Spruce fits the bill in that regard, and its wood grain also has an attractive texture. Moreover, it’s the kind of wood you will easily find at the local timber yard as it’s widely available. 

But when working with spruce, you will likely encounter problems such as 

  1. It rots easily and is also not resistant to extreme weather conditions. 
  2. Also, the tree is susceptible to termites and insect attacks. 

Axe throwing target wood FAQs

Ax Throwing. 

Ax Throwing. 

Which Woods To Avoid for Axe Throwing Target?

Avoid extremely hard woods, as they make bad axe-throwing targets. Thus, it would be best to stay off Maple wood as it’s extremely hard and lacks self-healing attributes. Also, a tree such as oak makes a bad axe-throwing target primarily because it has a high concentration of grains. 

Lastly, keep off plywood as while it is soft, it has a bounce-back effect and is too noisy. 

Can I use pressure-treated wood for an axe-throwing target?

Yes, you can use this type of wood as it is more resistant to pests, rotting, and extreme weather than untreated wood. 


We hope we’ve guided you on the ideal wood for an axe-throwing target. But you can reach us anytime for more.