Fiberglass vs Wood Axe Handle: Which is The Best?

There is a never-ending debate about fiberglass vs. wood axe handle. One team claims fiberglass axes are better, while another claims wooden handles are the best. To end this debate, we have compared both handles to help you decide which is better. Read on for a comprehensive review!

Wood vs. Fiberglass Axe: Comparison

Axes are commonly made from wood. It is because it was readily available. However, wood has its limitations. For this reason, materials such as fiberglass are now preferred.

Wood Axes Fiberglass Axes
They are affordableAre expensive to buy
Have a short lifespanHave a long life
Bad conductor of electricityGood conductor of electricity
Easy to customize for personal useHard to customize for personal use
Sensitive to extreme temperaturesBrittles, when exposed to extreme cold
No shock-absorbing propertiesHave shock-absorbing properties
Easy to get a replacementNot easy to get a replacement

2. Wooden Axe Handles

Manufacturers use woods such as eucalyptus and Ash to make wooden axes. The most common include eucalyptus, hickory, oak, and Ash. One main advantage of wooden axe handles is that they do not become brittle when used in extreme temperatures. The main disadvantage of wooden axes is that they easily break.

wooden axe

In addition, wooden axes are unpleasant to handle, especially when they soak up water. For this reason, the fire department is shifting to fiberglass. Another type of wood used to make axes is:

Hickory: Hickory has excellent shock-absorbing properties. It can chop hard trees without causing injuries. In addition, hickory is durable and lightweight. Lastly, it is crack-resistant and comfortable to use. 

Oak: Oak wood is resistant to fungi and insects, increasing its lifespan. In addition, oak has high stability and reduces fatigue because it has shock absorption properties. The main disadvantage of oak is that it is prone to splintering. You can minimize splintering by regularly oiling the axe.

An oak tree

Ash: Another type of wood used to make an axe is Ash. Manufacturers prefer Ashwood because of its aesthetic value. Also, it is durable and flexible. Ash axes help reduce fatigue because they have long fibers that absorb impact force. 

An ash tree

An ash tree

Advantages of wooden axes

One main advantage is that wood is readily available, and as a result, they are cheaper. Other advantages of wooden axes are:

  • Wood is easily replaceable
  • Wooden axes have a good grip because of their water-absorbing properties
  • Unlike other materials, wooden axes are easy to customize because they are easy to cut and shape
  • Wood has tiny fibers that make it a poor conductor of heat

Wooden axes

Disadvantages of wooden axes

The main disadvantage of using wood is that it can’t withstand heavy abuses. Other disadvantages are

  • It has poor shock-absorbing properties
  • Wood axes rot when soaked in water
  • It is sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as heat

3. Fiberglass axe handles

Fiberglass is a type of fiber with glass-reinforced plastic. It is tough and durable. One advantage of fiberglass over wood is that it is not affected by the environment. One advantage of fiberglass over wood is that it is not affected by the environment. 

Advantages of the fiberglass axe handle 

For example, it does not soak water or swell when exposed to chemicals. Fiberglass axes can also tolerate heavy abuse. Other advantages are

  • They have excellent impact-resistant properties
  • Fiberglass axes are not affected by moisture

Drawbacks of the fiberglass axe handle

Unlike wooden axes, fiberglass is not cheap. It is because it is stronger and more durable when compared to wooden axes. Other drawbacks are

  • Fiberglass is a good conductor of electricity
  • It has no replacement options
  • Fiberglass is not customizable because of its intricate glass strands


In conclusion, the type of axe you buy will depend on various factors. For example, a wooden axe is best for people on a budget. Similarly, a wooden axe is best if you want to customize it with your name or desired design. Fiberglass is best for users looking for durable axes. Also, fiberglass axes are best for people living in moisture-prone areas because they are moisture-resistant.