How Many Logs in A Cord of Firewood: Let’s Find Out

How Many Logs in A Cord of Firewood, Knowing about firewood-related terms may be the least of your worries when looking forward to lighting up your wood and enjoying the warmth. 

But, during your purchases, you may have heard of cords of wood. So, what are they, and how are they useful?

Fret not because our post will elaborate further on the jargon. We will also enlighten you on how many logs in a cord of firewood is enough for your needs.

How is Firewood Measured?

Generally, Length × Width × Height (volume) is the standardized way of measuring firewood. Therefore, when receiving the firewood, companies will have the measurements in either;

  • A full volume in m3 or cubic feet, or
  • In length, width, and height of the stacks

How Many Pieces of Wood in a Cord?

A complete cord of wood will carry approximately 600-800 pieces of wood. However, sometimes, it can go past 1000 or become lower than 400 pieces depending on your estimation level. Then, each piece usually measures 4ft high by 4ft wide by 8ft long (128ft3)

Factors Influencing the Number of Pieces

Certain factors contribute to the number of pieces of wood you’ll get in one cord. Some of them include the following;

  • Moisture Content (How Dry Is It?)

As per the species, a typical fully dried wood shrinks by 9-15% from the total volume. Now let’s say we have our usual 400-600 pieces. If the shrinking occurs, you will need about 50-120 extra pieces of green wood to compensate for the dried wood. 

  • Splitting

Secondly, the stack of wood is likely to change by 30%+ depending on if and how the company splits the pieces.

As such, split firewood will take less space compared to unsplit logs and, thus, increase the total number in a cord. 

Furthermore, splitting will depend on the preference of the individual splitting wood or the log splitting tools used. For instance, a tiny wood stove will need smaller split pieces of firewood.

A craftsman using a bandsaw to split wood

(A craftsman using a bandsaw to split wood)

  • Stacking

Companies measure cordwood in volume, which doesn’t affect the volume. But when selling, they do so in truckloads, stacks, or piles. Hence, when stacking the load of firewood, the number of pieces and volume will be different.

For instance, if you stack large loose piles of wood in tight rows, you’ll decrease the total number of wood stacked.

Unloading firewood from a truck

(Unloading firewood from a truck)

However, remember that the volume of wood is the major metric for a cord and not often the number of pieces. 

How Much Firewood is in a Face Cord?

A face cord carries about 1/3 of a full cord of firewood with a 4ft height and 8ft length but a varying width. And below is what you need to know about face cords;

  • Not An Exact Measurement

Unfortunately, a face cord lacks a standard measurement and will majorly depend on how long you cut each piece of wood. So, some face cords will be about 4ft x 8ft x 18 inches, whereas others will measure 4ft x 8ft x 12 inches.

  • Purchase Face Cords with Caution

With the varying length, you’ll need to be extra careful of the company selling you firewood via face cords. Inquire about the length to ensure you get stacks of firewood worth your hard-earned money. 

  1. How Much Firewood Do I Need?

Now that we know how to get the volume, standard measurements, and factors influencing the numbers, let us discuss the amount you’ll need. 

  • For a Campfire or Bonfire

Our top choice for campfires or bonfires is bundled firewood that lasts for hours spent outdoors. For example, at least six hours of raging flames will need about five bundles. 

  • For a Fireplace

What will be the frequency of using the fireplace? Normally, 2-3 logs are sufficient for burning. If you use the fireplace frequently, multiple cords will come in handy. 

Contrarily, occasional burning, like once a week, will require a face cord of firewood. 

A burning fireplace

(A burning fireplace) 

  • For the Winter

Often, a cord of wood stays for up to ten weeks, so one or two cords may be ideal for winter.

However, the number will change depending on how well the place is insulated, the size of the space, and whether you’re experiencing extra cold winters. You might need to stock about 3-4 cords for the latter. 


  • What is the Volume of a Cord?

A full cord is a pile of wood with a 128ft3 total volume in a compact stack. Standard stack size has the following measurements; 4′ high X 8′ long X 4′ deep. But, provided the resulting volume is 128 cubic feet, you should be okay.  

  • What is the Average Cost of a Cord of Wood?

Several variables affect the cost of wood. For instance;

  • Extra services the sellers charge in delivery stacking, etc.
  • Type of wood (softwoods are cheaper than hardwoods)
  • Seasoned or unseasoned wood
  • Buyer’s location
  • Scarcity and demand for wood
  • Time of year (higher prices in winter)

Regardless of the variables and based on our research, $150-250$ is usually the common price range for a full cord of firewood. That means a face cord/rick costs between $50 to $80. However, keep an open mind when searching because the fluctuations can go up to $175 for a rick and $500 for a full cord. 

Picture of wood

(Picture of wood)


All in all, we do hope you’re now better equipped for your winter, outdoor activities, and fireplace burning. Factors such as splitting, stacking, and moisture content affect the number of firewood pieces you receive.

Either way, ensure the quality of the wood matches the price before making any purchase.