What To Do With Firewood Ash- 16 Things You Can Do With Wood Ash

Like any other combustion process, burning firewood in a fire pit will yield a by-product. In the case of firewood, the final output is Ash which we can still use despite being a waste. So in our article today, we’ll explore ways of putting Ash to productive and economical use.

Hence, join us to learn what to do with firewood ash. 

How do you Safely Remove Fire Pit Ashes?

Wood Ash. 

Wood Ash. 

Primarily, yoit would be best if you harvested your firewood to use in the productive processes we’ll explore below. The rule of thumb is to remove the Ash carefully to prevent probable accidents. 

Hence, collect the safety gear and materials you need for this process. You’ll need the following: 

  • A pair of gloves 
  • Cold Water in a basin
  • A metallic container
  • Shovel 

Next, fetch the Ash using the shovel and put it in the metallic can. Notably, it could still be hot, so ensure you’ve donned your gloves at this stage. Also, it would be best if you covered the can and put it in a basin with cold water to hasten the cooling process. 

Lastly, put it outside for a while to allow for further cooling while it is still covered. Once it’s fully cooled, you can now use it. 

Household Fireplace Ash Uses

While many consider firewood dirty, it is a useful material you can use for a wide range of applications. Let’s look at each of the uses below. 

A Glass Cleaner

Cleaning a glass screen with ash. 

Cleaning a glass screen with Ash. 

No doubt that your fireplace glass screen will get dirty after a while of extensive use. However, it would be best if you didn’t worry about how to get it back to a great condition as long as you have Ash. The material is an effective glass surface cleaner. 

Hence, apply some ash to the glass screen, then wipe it off using a damp sponge, and it’ll be clean. 

Jewelry Cleaner

You can use ash to clean Silver Jewelry. 

You can use Ash to clean Silver Jewelry. 

Silver jewelry will tarnish after some while following exposure to weather conditions. Luckily, Ash is a superb cleaning option to restore the luster. So if you own a jewelry shop, Ash will do you a lot of good in removing the dull coating on your metallic pieces. 

The upside of using the material is that it’s clean, cheap, and easy to access. Also, the cleaning procedure is simple: apply an ash coat on the silver and wipe it off with a wet sponge. 

Pest Repellant

Wood Ash. 

Wood Ash. 

You do not need to hire a professional exterminator when you can sprinkle Ash around your garage and chase off pests. Also, in scenarios where you employ extermination, Ash will be a handful supplement as it’s cheap to acquire. 

The material is as effective as most household extermination chemicals. Hence it won’t disappoint you. 

Eliminating Bad Odors

Use Ash to remove bad odors. 

Use Ash to remove bad odors. 

Again, don’t use baking soda for odor removal if you can access Ash, as it is equally effective. 

Ash is a basic substance and thus features similar properties to baking soda. You can place it in areas with a bad odor for a while, and your room will smell great again. 

Making Wood Ash Soap

Handmade soap. 

Handmade soap. 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast interested in creating things from scratch, then you’ll find the important use of Ash in making soap. Burnt wood features the same chemicals that make the soap we use for household applications. 

While the soap won’t be of excellent quality, you can still use it for applications such as handwashing and cleaning. 

Ash as a Toilet Cleaner

A clean toilet. 

A clean toilet. 

Wood ash is an excellent alternative to the bleach chemical cleaners we use to clean out toilet bowls. It helps remove stains without charring the ceramic systems. It is also not harsh on the overall septic system. 

Lastly, wood ash is safe for the useful natural bacteria in our septic systems. 

Ash as a Desiccant 

Wood Ash. 

Wood Ash. 

Wood ash features absorbent properties, thus making it suitable for removing moisture from surfaces. It is imperative to prevent mold infestation. It is, therefore, the ideal substance to deal with your moist garage or basement area. 

Removing Stains

White shirt with stains. 

White shirt with stains. 

While wood ash may not be as effective as artificial bleaches in removing stains on clothes, it can still help. Hence, if you have a stain, it is imperative to apply wood ash immediately and thoroughly wash the area with water. 

Outdoor Fireplace Ash Uses

Here are some of the outdoor applications of wood ash. 

Tick Repellant

Tick Removal. 

Tick Removal. 

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you will likely experience tick bites when walking in the woods. But you can keep them at bay by applying a little wood ash around your feet and hands, especially if you’re on shorts. 

Also, ticks can be a nuisance to your pet, and you can still use wood ash to exterminate them. But you must be careful not to apply too much Ash on the pet as it could potentially soil its fur. 

Oil Cleaning Option

Oil Stains. 

Oil Stains. 

Wood ash is the best DIY cleaning solution for your garage or any other area with oil spills. Using it to clean is also easy. Just spread a little ash around the oil spills/stains. Next, clean it with a sweeper, and the stain will peel off. 

Natural Ice Melt

A pavement with ice. 

A pavement with ice. 

Wood ash is one of the best affordable remedies to melting ice on your driveway. It is particularly important as ice can make walking around your yard a bad experience. 

Hence, all you need to restore the traction is to sprinkle Ash along the path, and the ice will melt shortly. 

Ash Garden Fertilizer

Applying ash during planting. 

Applying Ash during planting. 

Wood ash would be a handful addition to your garden thanks to its fertilizer properties. It is rich in potassium and calcium, chemicals that significantly boost the soil’s fertility.

But to realize these benefits, it’s best to use the Ash in a compost heap rather than sprinkling it directly into your garden. 

Secondly, Ash is basic, so it can significantly help improve your soil’s pH, especially if it is acidic. Hence, you can sprinkle a little ash during the planting season. 

Extinguishing A Campfire

A campfire. 

A campfire. 

Campfires and bonfires offer us the ideal warmth as we enjoy time outdoors. But in some cases, they can get out of hand and require immediate extinguishing. Having a bucket of wood ash on the sidelines is the safe way to deal with such fires. 

Ash will help curtail the combustion process, which will ultimately help the fire to die off shortly. As we explained earlier, it is also a reasonable safety precaution. You only need to collect it from a previous campfire.  

What to do with Firewood Ash: Slug and Snail Repellant

In the subsequent section, we mentioned that wood ash is an effective desiccant. Hence, we can utilize this property to prevent slugs and snails from entering our homes. Ash will draw water off the crawling animals making them uncomfortable and thus deterring them. 

What to do with Firewood Ash: Control Pond Algae

Pond Algae. 

Pond Algae. 

Ash can be a chemical-free way to prevent the spread of algae in your fish pond. Although it does not directly harm the algae, Ash creates the ideal environment for other plants to grow. In turn, this creates competition for nutrients, thus stopping the spread of algae. 

What to do with Firewood Ash: Ant Repellant

Ants can be problematic to you and your pets if they frequent your yard/garden. But sprinkling wood ash around their habitat will chase them off. 


Many people will regard wood ash as a waste material. However, as we’ve illustrated above, it can greatly help both in the house and outside.

Thus, if you have been throwing away your wood ash into the waste bin, it is time to use it for the above applications.