Best Way to Throw an Axe- A Guide to Becoming an axe Throwing Pro

Ax throwing is one of the oldest games primarily because axes have been present since we embraced civilization. But although the sport is simple to play, you must follow some basic rules and techniques for the best outcome. Hence, in today’s guide, we’re going to explore the best way to throw an axe. 

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How to Throw an Axe

Throwing an Axe. 

Throwing an Axe

You don’t require a lot of coaching to learn axe-throwing. But as a beginner, there are specific tactics that will help you become better at it. For instance, the two basic throwing techniques are overhead and underhand throwing. 

But for the overhead throw, you may use either two or one hand. As a starter, the two-hands overhead technique will yield the best results. But what about the others, and when is the best time to apply them? Let’s see below. 

Two-Handed Ax Throwing Method

Throwing an Axe with two hands. 

Throwing an Axe with two hands. 

  1. Knowing how to hold your axe well without your grasp being too tight is imperative. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself when you are releasing the axe. 
  2. Next, ensure you clinch the axe with two hands to your launch point (at the back of your head). 
  3. Then, bring back the hands forward and release the axe after your hands are just past your head.  
  4. Remember to keep your hands at the same level as your eyes when releasing the axe. Any other posture will have you hitting higher or lower than the target

One-Handed Ax Throwing Technique

Launching an Axe with one hand.

Launching an Axe with one hand.

  1. The initial step in this technique is to choose the ideal hand you’ll use when throwing the axe. Primarily this is your strongest hand (that is, if you’re right-handed, use the right hand). 
  2. When throwing the axe, you need to angle it slightly towards the side of your throwing hand. Next, release it while aiming at the target. While the technique is hard to grasp for most starters, it is simpler than the two-handed approach. 

Underhand Ax Throwing Technique

  1. It’s the opposite of the above two methods. So you need to hold the hatchet from the lower side of its handle. Also, ensure that its blade is directly facing the target. Now, release the axe with a strong thrust to ensure it’ll hit the target after one revolution. 
  2. Note that this technique is much more complex than the others, so you may need further practice to hone it.

How to Correct the Wrong Posture

A Tomahawk on a Target.

A Tomahawk on a Target.

The following are some reasons you cannot hit the bullseye with the axe and how to correct them. 

Wrist Flicking

If you’re experiencing extreme over-rotation, there’s a chance your wrist flicks, affecting your ability to aim. Here are the remedies. 

  1. Always ensure you lock your wrist with the axe lying at a right angle to your arm. 
  2. You must also ensure you follow up the throw as if you’re throwing away dust. 
  3. Thirdly, ensure your elbows are firm and leaning slightly forward as you release the axe. 
  4. Also, come closer to the target, as you may be wrist flicking as you try to make up for the long distance. 


A Viking Throws an Axe. 

A Viking Throws an Axe. 

If your axe rotates more than you’d want, make the following adjustments. 

  1. You could be too far from the target, so consider moving closer. 
  2. Secondly, align your throwing hand’s thumb to the axe handle’s back area. 
  3. Lastly, you can alter the grip on the handle. Instead of clinching the axe from the extreme end of the back side, consider moving your hand inside by about an inch. 


You’re experiencing pancaking because you’re holding too firmly on the axe. So it would help if you loosened your grip. Other remedies are as follows:

  1. You must align the axe blade to the target before you start throwing. 
  2. Also, flare your hands outwards at the point when you release the axe. 
  3. Again, controlling your breathing is essential here. As you pull the axe backward to start throwing, breathe in and then out once you release it. 


An Axe on a target vector. 

An Axe on a target vector. 

Lastly, if you experience under-rotating, move away from the target first. Also, it would help if you grip the axe slightly lower and control how you launch it. During the launching phase, ensure your axe is behind your head. 

4 top Ax Throwing Tips

A Tomahawk on a target. 

A Tomahawk on a target. 

Have a convenient throwing posture

Primarily, you must create the proper axe-throwing posture and perfect it, as it will make the process accurate and reproducible. Also, mark where to position your back leg and the front one. Lastly, lean slightly forward when making the aim to improve accuracy. 

Grip your Axe well

You must also hold the axe well, as this also affects how far you can throw. Further, it is a crucial determinant of controlling the axe while throwing. Choose between either of the following gripping techniques. 

  • Hammer Grip
  • Modified Hammer Grip

Both methods refer to holding your axe as you’d handle your hammer. However, you must hold the tool at a more tilted angle for the second one. 

Create an appropriate axe-throwing angle

You must first set the ax at the appropriate throwing angle. Ideally, this should be slightly above your head with a slight inclination to the outside (for the one-hand throwing approach). Lastly, you must keep your wrist firm, especially during the throwing phase. 

Aim and Throw the axe

Position the axe behind your head and throw it forward. After releasing it, you must also ensure that your hand lies parallel to the feet and don’t flick your wrist. Lastly, have a follow-through (keep your hand as if in continuous motion). 

How to Safely Throw an Axe

An Ax on a target.

An Ax on a target.

Ax throwing is safe as long as you always uphold the following safety instructions: 

  1. Always ensure that the ax head is firm on the handle and has no chance of coming off during the throwing exercise. 
  2. Next, you must establish a lane system to avoid hurting one another when throwing as a group. 


Where to Stand While Axe Throwing?

You must always maintain the standard distance when throwing the axe. Ideally, you should be 12 feet away from the target.


Ax throwing is an enjoyable sport you can participate in with friends and family as you enjoy the outdoor environment. We’ve elaborated on the basics of the sport and the measures you need to uphold. For more, contact us