Maple Vs. Cherry Wood Cutting Board- Let’s Compare!

The maple vs. cherry wood cutting board is an age-old debate when looking at the different cutting boards. Although they are both wood, they have many differences, benefits, and drawbacks.    

Luckily, both these wooden boards are gentle on your knives and can last longer when maintained properly. Narrowing down your decision between maple and cherry wood can be hard. 

You can find your answer below when you read our comparison guide below. We highlight the most important factors, such as the characteristics, pros, and cons of cherry and maple wood cutting boards. 

Pros and Cons of Maple Wood as a Cutting Board Material 

Who doesn’t know the famous maple tree that we are so fond of and reminds us of autumn? Many of us love playing in the leaves, and maple wood is commonly used for various types of furniture. This includes cutting boards. 

Maple cutting boards are light but strong, do not wear and tear easily and come in standard colors.

This is good for people who love to cook all the time in the kitchen; Maple wood is harder than cherry wood as well.

It also has a tight, closed grain so your food does not slip off. We don’t want that, right?!

maple trees

(maple trees)


  • Maple wood does not get scratched easily. Even if it does get scratched, you can sand it away so it’s perfect again.  Isn’t that cool?
  • Maple wood has something called antimicrobial properties. This is because of its natural grain, making it difficult for bacteria to thrive. 
  • It has a beautiful and unique grain, which makes it popular as decor. This makes it a perfect addition to fancy parties and such. 
  • It is easy to shop for, so you are sure to get the style and size that you want. 
  • Maple wood is sustainable because sometimes you find cutting boards made from waste wood. 


  • Maintenance can be a pain because you have to clean it by hand and oil it occasionally so it does not crack or warp.
  • Since the grain is so light, it can be easy to stain. You best avoid the beets if you don’t want a red hue!
  • You cannot cut raw meat on it because maple wood will absorb the bad juices and go into other food, which is dangerous. 
  • You cannot put too much water on it because it will warp. 
maple cutting board

(maple cutting board)

Pros and Cons of Cherry Wood as a Cutting Board Material 

When you hear ‘cherry wood,’ you are immediately interested because it is connected to something tasty! Cherrywood comes from the tree that bears the delicious cherry fruit, which we all know and love. 

Cherry wood is commonly used for kitchen units and cupboards, but it also has footing as a cutting board. It is softer than maple wood, but it is no stranger to hard work and pressure. It is still strong and durable. 

Cherry wood is a popular choice because of its beautiful color and uniform grain. One of its best qualities is that it darkens as it gets old, so it gives you that aged, elegant look. This is something you will not regret having!

cherries in season

(cherries in season)


  • Cherry wood is very strong. There are two types of cherry wood called sweet and black cherry wood. These are very delicious descriptions, but let’s stay focused! Sweet cherry wood is perfect for a cutting board, as it is hard but soft on your knives. Black cherry wood is a little denser and will not get cut by knives. 
  • Cherry wood is very gentle on your knives. This is something you must always think about, as buying knives isn’t cheap! It is soft enough to preserve the sharpness of the knives. 
  • It does not contain any toxins, making it a good non-toxic wood-cutting board. It is okay to prepare food with no hassle on the board. 
  • It has a tight grain that does not allow the growth of bacteria. 


  • If you are not careful, your precious cherry wood board will get rotten! Unfortunately, sweet cherry is not very resistant to rot if it is exposed to too much water. 
  • It needs lots of care. You have to handwash the board and oil it with food-grade mineral oil. This is necessary so it lasts a long time. 
  • Cherry wood is very quick to catch bad smells if you keep it in a moist area with no air. This may go onto your food, so that’s a no-no!
cherry wood board

(cherry wood board)

Maple Vs. Cherry Cutting Board- Let’s Decide 

The properties of maple and cherry boards can differ a lot, so it can be hard to decide between the two. While the decision lies with you at the end of the day, below will help you decide a little easier. 

  • Strongness and durability. Maple wood takes the prize here because it is very dense. While they are both hardwoods, cherry wood is softer than maple. Both put up a good fight, though and can handle almost anything you throw at it. 
  • Antibacterial qualities. Did you know that wood-cutting boards are by far the most hygienic board on the market? Many studies have proven this too! The same goes for both cherry and maple wood boards, as bacteria die on the surface. 
  • Caring for the board. Both cherry and maple wood boards need quite a lot of care because they are wood, after all. They cannot be put in the dishwasher or soaked in water. They must be washed after every use and oiled properly every once in a while. 
  • Knives. Maple boards are okay for your knives, but it does have the chance for damage because it is very hard. Cherry wood is softer and is able to keep your knives sharp. 
  • Price. On this front, maple and cherry wood are more-or-less in the same price range. You would see cherry wood on the more expensive side, though. 
  • Looks and aesthetics. Cherry wood is a reddish-brown color that goes darker as it gets older. Maple has a lighter color surface that pairs well with any kitchen and is perfect, too, because it stays that way forever. Both boards have cool grain patterns

Cue the drumroll! The winner is maple wood cutting boards! It is the most practical option and will match your kitchen. However, cherry wood is also a good option. 


Your kitchen needs a good cutting board that gives you everything you need. We’ve laid down the information for you. It’s your time to choose now!