How To Make A Cutting Board Out Of Oak Tree Wood-Let Us Find Out!

Would you like to learn how to make a cutting board out of oak tree wood? 

Our detailed guide can offer you all the advice necessary to embark on this project yourself successfully!

Oak trees are sturdy hardwoods with fine-textured grain. 

Furniture makers use oak woods because of their aesthetics; aside from this, you gain many benefits when opting for them!

The golden-hued tones of oak wood give you a superbly smooth consistency – making your board durable and visually stunning in equal measures.

 We’ll highlight techniques for sustaining your oak wood boards to remain crack-free by avoiding warping issues.

Autumn oak

Autumn oak

 Characteristics of Oak Cutting Boards

One of the benefits of using oak trees is their resistance to wear and tear. Their hardness and durability make them perfect for use as cutting boards. 

Compared to other wood forms, oak is less prone to cracking or warping. 

Oak’s distinctive grain pattern gives its classic look and strength, thus giving your kitchen a sense of class.

 How To Care For Oak Cutting Boards 

Woman cleaning a wooden cutting board

(Woman cleaning a wooden cutting board)

 When using oak cutting boards, you have to take extreme care. Proper care of the oak cutting board prevents your board from deteriorating and warping.

Here are some care tips for your oak cutting board:

  • Do not place your cutting boards in a dishwasher. 
  • Use mild cleaning supplies to stop wood from absorbing water and chemicals during cleaning.
  • Remove moisture from your board after cleaning by dabbing it with a clean cloth to dry it.
  • Apply wood treatment oils next to lock out moisture and microbes from your board. This will keep your board in good condition. 
  • Now and then, you need to disinfect your board. Sprinkle some salt on the surface and rub half of a lemon on the salt to work into your board. It also helps to remove stains.
  • After disinfecting, wash and dry your oak cutting board.

Is Oak Good For Cutting Boards?

Oak is reputable as an excellent material for making cutting boards. Oak wood is durable because it is hardwood – the difference lies in the specific type of oak you select.

There are several types of oak wood, but this article will only talk about two major oak woods: white oak and red oak.

A woman slicing open chestnut

(A woman slicing open chestnut)

How To Make A Cutting Board Out Of Oak Tree Wood: White Oak

White oak is commonly identified by its leaves- round lobes with underside hairs and non-bristle tips. It has a straight grain with a gritty and irregular texture.

 A fully developed white oak tree reaches a height of about 65-85 feet. As opposed to its name, white oak is smooth and light gray-brown. 

Because of its dense composition, white oak is highly resilient against pests, rot, and decay. 

You can use hand tools and machines to work on white oak wood because it is easily processed.

Red Oak

Knife on the kitchen table

(Knife on the kitchen table)

Red oak is a light reddish-brown, knotted hardwood that is tough and resistant to deterioration. It has a straight-grained, irregular, and abrasive texture like the white oak. 

A mature red oak can grow as tall as 115 feet making this species taller than the white oak. 

Red oak is less durable because its porous wood pores make it more susceptible to moisture damage and rot.

Why Does The Janka Rating Matter For Cutting Boards?

Janka’s ratings show how much power /force dents a piece of wood. The higher the rating, the more force expended.

Woods used for cutting boards need to be durable enough to handle blades and not be too hard to damage or wear the blades out.

The ideal Janka rating for a Cutting Board wood is 900 to 1500 lbf. 

White and red oaks have Janka ratings between 1360lbf and 1290lbf, respectively. 

Because they are sinewy, white and red oak woods are ideal for heavy-duty end-grain cutting boards.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to make a cutting board out of oak wood starts with the characteristics of the wood and the types of oak wood.

 Learning all you need about wood before working with it is crucial.

White oak is a better choice for cutting boards because they are less porous and damage-resistant. 

Their aesthetic qualities are unparalleled and make a classic addition to your kitchen.